Dokucraft: Dwarven Resoure pack

Dokucraft: Dwarven Resoure pack
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Một Dwarven Resoure pack cho minecraft khá đẹp được sưu tầm  , với các vũ khĩ và giáp được mix lại khá là bắt mắt .

Nói chung là đẹp méo tả được các bạn tự mà tả đi nhé .

Dung lượng : 59 MB

Link tải tại đây : DOWNLOAD

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How is this different than Normal Dokucraft (dokucraft light)?

Whilst Dokucraft Light is your basic fantasy RPG pack, Dokucraft Dwarven is heavily influenced by Dwarven and Celtic designs. This pack also has many flavor elements (such as the mushroom stew being renamed & retextured as a “Mug of Ale”).

What types of Dwarven Fantasy is this pack based on?

I get this question a lot. To be honest, I didn’t really “base” them on anything specific because I wanted this pack to have its own identity. I used a lot of old Celtic art as reference, as well as old illustrations of LOTR and early Warhammer, but you wont find anything from those universes making any “cameos” in this pack.

Do I need anything special to run this pack?

You can run this pack on Vanilla Minecraft, but I heavily suggest that you use MCPatcher to get the full effect. MCPatcher allows the use of Custom Day/Night Skies, Connected Textures, Biome Specific blocks and mobs, etc.

Link to MCPatcher:

You may use Optifine as well, but it may be behind in supporting certain resource pack features compared to McPatcher.

What do I do if I encounter any issues whilst running this pack?

Either post your concerns here, our official Dokucraft Thread, or make a comment on our Official Website. I’ll be happy to help out when I can.

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